not quite ready

I opened the familiar Dick and Jane books at Barnes and Noble this morning and was instantly sucked back in time to when I first sat with my mother and read the orange covered Dick and Jane book that had been my father's. I remember vividly looking at the page, seeing the words, and feeling completely overwhelmed that someone expected me to be able to read them. Myself. I know that book, scary as it was initially, was the gateway to many fictional adventures. Not long thereafter I was sneaking out of bed at night to read by nightlight. The books aren't exactly the same. For one thing, I knew my old orange book had begun with "see dick. see dick run." I could have gotten a smaller paperback version, but it just isn't the same. For just $8.00 I could start my girl on a lifetime of reading.

We got home, she sat on my lap and we opened to the first short story, "Go, Go, Go." Go, go, go. Go, dick, go. I asked her to look at the letters, the words, to say them with me and she closed the book. She's not quite ready now, but when she is Dick and Jane and Sally and Spot are ready to show her how. I found her later flipping through the pages, making up her own stories for the pictures and that's good enough for me.

Unrelated, but totally awesome. We also picked up these adorable books with cutting and coloring exercises.  We spent a good hour today doing these great activities and she would have done the whole book if I had let her. Sometimes it is helpful having a pint sized shopping partner because they were all the way on the bottom shelf. No paid review here, these were just my own little find and I will definitely be getting the second installment. The activities are cute and imaginative and  will help her with her cutting and following direction skills.


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