Petting Zoo - Check

It wasn't planned that way though. I looked up petting zoos near the beach in case of cooler or inclement weather this weekend just in case. I did not actually intend to go, but it's always a good idea to have an amazing  plan b. I know what you're thinking, "but kerri, the weather was gorgeous on Saturday!" You'd be right, but you would not have been in the car with the two kids on the way home from the beach. If you had, I guarantee you too would have pulled off Route 3 and made a random pit stop at a petting zoo.

Connor hates the car. He hates it more than having his nails filed. He hates it more than taking his Zantac. That's a lot of hate. I time my car rides with his sleep schedule. As in, "quick, he's getting sleepy, let's all hop in the car this very instant!" It couldn't be that bad you say? Ohhh, but it could. It could be so terrible that you might want to take your cell phone earpiece wire and strangle yourself with it while driving because the screaming, make it stop for the love of god. It's awful and the one I feel worst for in the whole situation is my poor sweet Caroline who sticks her fingers in her ears and looks at me woefully.

Connor fell asleep ahead of schedule and I packed up our belongings like a mad woman and made for the hills. If I had waited he would have been awake when we left meaning he would no longer have been tired and I have learned the hard way not to chance a long ride with a potentially wide awake Connor. You just DON'T DO IT! EVER! Despite my attempt to take advantage of his slumber, he was awake before we hit the main drag and I looked back at Caroline and told her over the static on the radio that was having no effect on the screaming, "I have a plan Caroline, don't worry." Ten minutes later we pulled into a lot we'd never been to before. I gave the baby a snack, put him into the Bjorn, grabbed the camera, and off we went to meet some goats, a scary turkey, pet some rabbits, and even nuzzle a donkey or two. At first she stayed behind me, but once she met the cute bunnies, she was all about checking out all the animals. She cried when we left, so I got her ice cream, mostly because I wanted to stall the screamer and the more time spent out of the car, the better the odds of him falling back asleep for the rest of the ride.

It didn't work that way. He screamed from the moment we drove out of the gravel parking lot until about two minutes from Kiki and Papa's house. Solidly. For about 30 minutes. Somewhere on that stretch of highway tears started rolling out of my eyes because I knew there was nothing I could do to make him feel better. I was powerless to do anything. I knew that stopping would only temporarily help and the second we were moving again the screaming would begin anew, with new vigor, with more volume, with more screech. I reached my hand back to Caroline's car seat and told her through my tears that I was sorry.

My three year old grasped my hand, rubbed the back of it with her other hand, told me that it would be okay, not to be sad, that we were almost home and Daddy would give me a hug and make me feel better. My three year old, I just love that girl.


  1. Sorry about the screaming - but how sweet was Caroline!

  2. The car has been an absolute sanctuary for both of my kids, guaranteed naptime. I can't imagine driving around town like that...hopefully it will get better as he gets bigger???