Since Connor was born we have swaddled him tightly for each nap, each evening, after each midnight snack. He's always been a very active sleeper and we noticed right away that his little arms flapping and his legs kicking was keeping him awake or waking him up. By the light of the video monitor at some ungodly hour I would watch his body jerk awake as I laid him down on the blanket and watch his eyes roll back, his body relax as the flannel blanket tightened around him.

He's four and a half months old now. He's getting too big for swaddling. He'll be moving soon and it could present a dangerous situation if we do not break him of his little swaddle habit.

On Thursday after Dr. Rachel's stern warning, I threw caution to the wind and let him sleep unswaddled in a sleep sack overnight. He didn't sleep through the night (because HAHAHAHA that's NEVER happened), but he didn't sleep any differently, even going back to sleep without a peep. My first thoughts on Friday morning were "wow, he doesn't need that swaddle, what a silly Mother I have been to keep him restrained like that for soo long. I am sure he is so much happier now."

And then he stopped sleeping and silly stupid Mommy didn't think, "hmmmmm, could it be that swaddle?"

Last night after three nights of put down, wake up, put down, wake up at bedtime, I pulled the old swaddle routine out of my back pocket where I had tucked it - away, but not far enough away to never go back. He slept from 9:30 to 11:30 after eating a 7. That was over four hours since his last feast and while that might seem to some to be a cat nap, four hours for Connor is a really nice nighttime snooze (those bags under my eyes aren't for nuthin'). He went back to his bed swaddled with little resistance (ok, a little, but the MAGIC of that swaddle!) until 1:30 when he woke up to eat again and when I tried the same trick at 2am to get him back to sleep it was a no go. A girl can only put down, get up every 10 minutes for so long in the middle of the night and he was once again in bed with us at around 2:30am. It's an improvement on last night and the night before, so I'm hopeful that it will keep getting a little better each night. I am trying to keep the Wonder Weeks info in the back of my head, remembering through this all that he is working on learning something amazing right now and my role is just to support him through it - give him all I got - knowing that on the other end it is very likely we'll get our Connor back.

In the meantime, I'm scoping deals on those Aden and Anais swaddle blankets because they are up to 7 inches longer in each direction than the largest one we have now. The best I can find is here with a 15% off coupon that arrived this am. Clearly, I'm not giving up the swaddle anytime soon and I'm justifying that these would be great blankets for the beach - light, airy, yet covered!

He just woke up from a swaddled nap that lasted a whopping 20 minutes and now he is seated in the Bumbo his chunky thighs are quickly outgrowing rubbing his tired eyes. Seriously kid, I know you don't get it yet, but the world will still be here when you wake up. It will still be amazing and I want to show it all to you - after your nap.


  1. Okay, I think we kept Ethan swaddled until 6 months...I'll have to look back. And, at two, we still have him in a sleep sack! I say (ha! what do I know?!?!) if a kid's strong enough to roll over while swaddled, s/he's strong enough to be able to turn their head once on their stomach so they can breathe. Sleep is essential! PS - do you not have a miracle blanket?!? Please tell me you do...

  2. Coming from the woman who insisted we buy a La-z-boy this time around and just napped for an hour in it with her son on top of her. Sleep is sleep. This time around I've learned not to mess with what works. Yes, eventually, he have to learn to sleep not swaddled. But he isn't voluntarily moving around yet is he? I think once he is, he kick himself out of that swaddle mighty fast. For now, he's sleeping, your sleeping and everybody's happy.

  3. I can COMPLETELY relate to the short nap scenario! Ryan seems to think that 40 minutes is an ETERNITY when it comes to naps because that is the longest nap he'll take these days. For babies/little kids sleep is the enemy. For adults, its basically our goal in life :) Its sort of evil how that works out.

  4. I don't even remember when we stopped swaddling, but I bet it was because of the heat and not her age. Good luck getting some rest!

  5. Okay, I am waaay behind here but I agree with the other posters... keep swaddling if it helps him sleep! We swaddled Allie until at least 6 months, then we started swaddling her with one arm out and finally she really didn't need the swaddle any more. We used the Kiddopatomus (sp?) Swaddle Me.