Oh sweet sleep. We are in week 18, on the brink of a developmental leap week according to Wonder Weeks . Connor is clingy, more tearful, and he has nearly given up sleeping altogether. Over the weekend he started having trouble getting to sleep, but he struggled even more to stay asleep. We're talking twenty to get him down, sleep for twenty, awake and screaming, get him down for twenty, sleep for twenty, awake and screaming and repeat ad nauseum. Sunday and Monday nights I eventually just gave up out of utter exhaustion and took him into bed with us and wouldn't you know it - he slept, waking up only to eat. I'm ok with it for now because if I didn't accept this option as good enough for right now, I wouldn't be sleeping and he wouldn't be sleeping and no one would be happy. My back and neck are a bit sore from the mama bear hug I kept him in and while I did sleep, it was not the sleep I needed because it was practically with one eye open just in case.

If you can overlook all that insanity - he's wonderful. He's getting so big and he really is getting excited about the world around him. When he allows me a moment I can hardly take my eyes off him, sitting there in his bouncer, twirling in a circle, delighting himself that HE JUST MADE THAT HAPPEN!

Caroline spent the day with Kiki at the beach today and it was so nice to know that she was at her most favorite place in the whole world enjoying such a beautiful day. Didn't hurt that she got to feel super special because she was there with Kiki all by herself. I'm sure she's dreaming about the sun and sand.

Steve also pointed out that I have been neglecting McChow, so you will find two new recipes over there now and more to come.

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  1. I finally gave up and took Nicole to bed with me way back when too. I feel you. You will know when it isn't working anymore. I found that Nicole was 100 percent happier once she started crawling. It was like a switch flipped. Sleep deprivation is such torture.

    And if Caroline and Kiki need company at the beach let us know...we're just a few minutes away and we love the salt water!

    You're doing great mama!