Milestone: We have a sitter

Sure, there is a general lack of sleep happening around these parts, but let's not gloss over the good stuff.

Connor is sitting up, unsupported, of his OWN accord, for full minuteS at a time.I know that this sitting up biz is partly to blame for all the recent sleeplessness. He wants to be up, practicing, showing off. To watch him, sitting there like a big boy, playing with his toes like they are the most magnificent things he has ever seen - well, it almost forgives all the hoopla he has been causing. It's quite impressive actually since we rarely allow him to bend at the waist due to the reflux. Some time sitting up or lying on his back are sure to cause a spitting episode or an all out reflux attack. I'm confident he would have been doing this sooner if I wasn't always discouraging the bending at the waist action. Connor has some CORE strength and tries so hard to get himself from lying back to sitting up. He can't really roll over yet, another thing we haven't been able to work on thanks to the reflux, but he is sitting up.

This was at my parents' house this past weekend. My father sent it to me via iPhone while my mother and I were out. Look how generally unimpressed he is with himself, like it's NO BIG DEAL people, I do this ALL THE TIME.


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