My name is Connor and I prefer to sleep with my mommy

Though he is sleeping just fine here and I'm obviously not next to
him. Note the free arms - do you now see my swaddle confusion? He's
cute though.


  1. He is very cute indeed and thus the reason why it is hard for Mommy to insist that he NOT sleep with Mommy. I had the same struggle (during naps), but we've made TREMENDOUS progress in the last few weeks. Connor will get there too!

  2. Kelly9:41 AM

    How funny! My Connor also prefers to sleep with his mommy! He hates being swaddled & sleeps the same way as your Connor is in that picture. So cute!

  3. I swear Teddy sleeps the soundest when he is laying on top of me on his tummy. It is irresistable so I understand your situation.