not a twirler

I'm currently experiencing one of those rare two kid quiet times. Connor is asleep and Caroline is upstairs in her room resting. I'm feeling like I should be laying down too, but if there one thing I don't do well it is napping. I would be jarred awake by someone OR we would all sleep the afternoon away and neither of those options really works.

Yesterday Caroline and I made these and she loved it because she got to "drive the mixer." It was good to change it up and try a new recipe with her, but she wasn't very patient with my recipe reading. Things seem to go smoother when I am working from a recipe we both know well. She knows what to expect next and I can stay one step ahead of her. I'm just about to enjoy one (or two) of these Ina delights.

Connor was entertained by Kiki while we attended to emptying and entire jar of peanut butter into the Kitchen Aid. He is absolutely loving his bouncer right now. We put him in for dinner and can get through most of the meal before he starts to get annoyed. His wide smile is at its most bright when he is jumping up and down. It's hysterical to watch, particularly because Caroline didn't exactly love it. She was more of a twirler and I have video of her sitting there more interested in the cat than the opportunity to bounce.Connor jumps highest when his sister is nearby.

Here's a pretty good representation of me trying to balance the two - chatting with Caroline, keeping an eye on Connor, her being very involved in getting me a blanket while Connor bounces gleefully in the background. It's a pretty good metaphor for life right now - focused, chaotic, and wonderful.


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