scary fish

You know that saying, “do one thing everyday that scares you.” Yeah. Some days I don’t have to LOOK far to find something terrifying.

Example 1:

I was on the phone with Steve, Connor perched on my lap as I inhaled my lunch, and suddenly the rumbling below signaled one thing: diaper blowout. I joked that there was something in my lap that needed some serious attention, but when I hung up and actually looked down (isn’t that the worst feeling, the ominous, how bad is this going to be look?) it was bad. Let’s just leave it at we BOTH had to change our clothes. COMPLETELY.

This kind of blow out would have had me paralyzed three years and one kid ago. I wouldn’t have known what to do. I literally could not have moved because where do you go? what do you even DO? Years later and one little blowout king later, I calmly drew a bath, placed my baby bellydown on a towel and got it all cleaned up. Tear free. Anxiety attack free.

I got the laundry running (because time is of the essence in these stain situations) while Connor rubbed his eyes signaling an imminent nap window. I got him down and was feeling pretty good about myself. I called Steve back, jokingly reminded him that even on his worst day it in no way involves another person's bodily fluids and sat down at the computer. 

Example 2:

ding – my phone signaled a new email; subject: "offer."

We aren’t letting this fish go people. WHATEVER IT TAKES.


  1. go, go, go! get that house sold! fingers crossed for you!

  2. Sending you good vibes on the house...hope this time goes smooth!

  3. thinking good thoughts on the offer!