It's a question mark right now. I wish it wasn't. I wish that our move up here had resulted in the perfect job just landing on my lap not just because it would be awesome for me and for Steve and our budget, but also because it would be great for Caroline. I know she misses her friends, her teachers, the "projects," and having that special place outside of the house that is just for her.

When I was inches away from that job a month ago we fast forwarded our daycare search, we made some decisions, we worked out a plan. It seemed ideal, but we all know that the job wasn't, so I asked the school to keep us penciled in for fall and they promised to let me know if the preschool spots started filling up so we could make some hard decisions.

I got that hard call on Friday. That school has two spots left for Caroline. So now what? With everything so up in the air we aren't sure what to do. We don't know where we will be living, where or if I might be working, and committing to anything seems completely crazy and yet - it's preschool and she deserves this opportunity. So we are reconsidering all day care/preschool situations and our brains are becoming mush because WHERE? WHEN? 1/2 days? Full days?

Nothing is ever easy.

Today my way of dealing with this was to make approximately 6 dozen peanut butter cookies that are so crispy and light. I enjoyed them with an oversized scoop of that amazing "Five" Vanilla Bean ice cream.

Coping strategy - epic delicious failure.


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