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This afternoon we took a little car trip. With a completed application and fee in hand we meandered over to the grocery for hot dog buns and made our way back to the center of town to drop off that application. We parked across the street and opened the door to Caroline's new school; the one she will go two half days a week in the fall, or two full days if I find a job, and perhaps more if I need more days and they happen to be available. (Isn't that amazing!!) There is no full month deposit. They are committed to being as flexible as possible and upon hearing that, I told the director I could kiss her. and I meant it. It's a great little center, smallish class size, a warm friendly atmosphere, a place she will thrive. Her teacher is Miss Kristen and she is sweet as cherry pie. They have a flexible summer program she can attend for the two weeks prior to start of school to acclimate. We can drop by any ol' time we want over the summer to get her more comfortable. Today we opted out of ice pops because she was feeling a bit shy. If we go to full days she needs a sleeping bag. A sleeping bag!!! Both Auntie k and Auntie C went to this very same program; the world comes full circle. I cannot emphasize how relieved I feel about all this. Sure, now that I have done this I will find a full time job and suddenly we'll be in the market for 3 more days of care. I keep telling Steve, just one crazy year, that's all we have to get through. One.crazy. year. We should be so lucky. My shoulders feel lighter. There is a skip in my step.

My girl, my Caro, in preschool. I'm so excited for her.

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  1. Anonymous9:20 AM

    I dont think I even knew you were LOOKING there but I love love love it! Best pre-school eva! Clearly it only produces beautiful intelligent awesome girls! I cannot believe she's big enough for pre-school. Ahh! bubba!