tiny scissors

You can tell when Caroline has been practicing her cutting skills. The tell tale tiny scraps of paper surround the base of her chair, a pile of thin strips and triangular corners. Since we cracked the binding on that “Let’s Cut With Paper” book she is constantly asking to cut another page. It is astounding really to watch her follow the line whether it is straight or squiggly. It floored me the first time I watched her turn the paper to follow the line on its perpendicular path. I cannot say enough good things about this book. It has taken her cutting to a whole new level!

When she colors that coloring page has no chance of ending up on the fridge because once she is done with the crayons she gets out her scissors and chop, chop, chop- it’s smithereens. Last week on a rainy afternoon we got out the old magazines and searched for blue things, then red things, and then just things she liked. She cut them out – sometimes in half – and we glued them down to big pieces of paper. I cannot tell you how much she loved this. Seek and Find, Cutting, AND Gluing?!?!?

Whenever I see her cut something I chuckle to myself remembering the day Connor was born. Auntie k relayed to us that she had a whole conversation with Caroline that day about things she would do with her new baby brother. It was the usual things most older siblings would think of; playing, teaching, and then she added, “and I will cut him with my tiny scissors.” She hasn’t and hopefully I don’t need to add a yet to that statement. In the meantime, we’re busy sweeping up from her new obsession.


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