lay your head on my shoulder

There are milestones that mothers mentally check off in their heads ensuring that their child is "on target." Then there are milestones that mothers wait for that aren't listed in What to Expect The First Year. They aren't written about on those babycenter monthly email blasts. In fact, Moms don't even really talk about some of the most precious firsts.

Connor has always been a "huggy" baby. He likes to grab onto your neck, nuzzle in deeply, leave a wet stain from his baby drool on your shoulder and take a fistful of hair from your ponytail with him when he surfaces for air. It's cute. It lets me know that he knows it is me. I look forward to it each and every morning.

He has started laying his head on grown up shoulders. At first we thought it was just when he was tired, but it seems to be more of a contented little way for him to say, "I am so comfortable here with you." It isn't just with Mom and Dad. Yesterday he met one of Steve high school hockey buddies for the first time and BAM! within a few minutes that little head was up against Paul's shoulder as he furiously "Maggie Simpsoned" his bink.

This morning as we prepared to leave the house as I packed up the diaper bag at a dizzying speed he did it again. It made me pause. I looked down at him and his big going to be brown for sure eyes looked up at me and he buried his little face into my shirt and I had absolutely no choice but to kiss that little baby hair covered head all over. It is these firsts, these quiet ones that I look forward to most. It is a certainty that he will crawl, that he will pull to stand, that he will feed himself a cheerio. It is not yet known how many more of these sweet endearing behaviors he will come up with and I want to relish each and every one of them.

You wait for these moments, for the signs that they are really people, not just squirmy feed me, burp me, bounce me beings requiring constant intervention. We're seeing the light at the end of the very long tunnel. He's eating more cereal, balanced carefully with non-binding fruits. He's sleeping longer bouts during the day. He's the world's newest Prilosec fan. We're picking up the rx this afternoon and I am hoping it makes an enormous difference in his life. I want more of these little firsts, more cute contented behavior, less jiggle/sway.


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