Pop Maker Delight

We recently cranked out a few ice pops using the ZOKU quick pop maker.

I’m documenting the fun here because it is was AWESOME and no this isn’t a paid product review. Special thanks go out to Granda and Nana for this fancy and fun way to keep cool in this terrible heat. They found it for Caroline when it was time for her to be a  big girl and say adios to diapers. You could say Caroline was excited about making pops, but that would be a GROSS understatement. All day, “and then we make ICE POPS!” “Mommy we do quiet time and then make popsicles? PLEEEASE????” “I’m gonna make ICE POPS!”

and how soul crushingly sweet was it when she looked at me and said, "Mommy, maybe we can make one to bring to Nana to make her feel better." Nana recently suffered an injury that has her out of commission for 4 weeks. We're hoping these photos help cheer her up.

Freeze Pop Maker for at least 10 hours - ours was chilled for over 24.

Specialized tools. Sticks, drip covers, and removal tool


Patience - note the ingredients for tonite's meal on the counter - Apricot Boneless Chicken Thighs

Ready to pour

To the fill line



9 minutes

Special removal tool. Soooo easy!


Double fisting

A lady and her pop

We definitely enjoyed this. It was SUPER EASY and I am thawing it out to clean it so we can get it back into the freezer tonight for more pops tomorrow. Even the baby enjoyed a taste of the lemonade flavored pop. I thought he would stop lunging for it when the icy cold hit his lips, but I was WAY wrong. He cried when I took it away!!! Lemonade pop at six months is totally legit right? It was a slam dunk. Thanks Nana and Granda! We can't wait to make some for you!

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  1. Kerri,
    That is AWESOME! I need to get one! My husband LOVES to make homemade ice cream, which I thoroughly enjoyed until I had to cut out diary b/c of Ryan's milk protein intolerance. If I get this, Matt can make ice cream, and I can make pops :)

    And I'm glad I am not the only mom who let her six month old taste a popsicle (Ryan's was lime juice) and he too loved it, and also cried when I wouldn't let him keep sucking!