I am happy to share that we reviewed, signed, and sent back the purchase and sale agreement! It was hardly the celebration it should have been because we went practically from Steve's office signing and initialing to a house that we might be interested in purchasing. Just the thought of purchasing something else after all we have been through makes me want to throw up, but you never know. We liked the house, not enough to put an offer on the spot, but enough to keep considering it. I worry that the driveway might be too steep, which I know, silly BUT I worry about the kids playing in a driveway that we might not actually be able to drive up in the winter. Caroline was walking down it solo and I worried she might roll end over end into the street and honestly - I don't think I was being that crazy. As we debated on through the night we started to think that another house, one we saw this weekend and discounted because of kitchen and bathroom reno work, might actually be a really good fit. We're seeing it tomorrow afternoon. I have a feeling. I might still throw up if we put in an offer, but I can see us being there for the near future. I can almost smell our first fire. I'm holding myself back from racing out to get the s'more ingredients.


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