slipping through my fingers

Caroline asked for music tonight after dinner and ice pops. This request has transformed from us agreeing and getting up and turning on the music and finding something she deems acceptable to a simple nod, "ok." She can turn it on herself and she launches into an accompanying dance that ranges from fist pumping to feet pointing to gentle swaying and spinning. Tonight she came running over as Abba came flowing from the MP3 player. It was the song my father chose to dance with me for our father daughter dance. I watched her savoring each spin, each frantic preschool movement, each eye twinkle. Her lashes had suddenly grown a full inch it seemed, my baby, growing up, time slipping through my fingers. Her little madras shorts, her green polo shirt, the curly pig tails. My baby's tan legs, the same shade as my own. Life comes full circle doesn't it?

I accepted a full time position at a community hospital this morning after negotiating one heck of a deal for childcare. We are waiting with butterflies in our stomachs (and some burgers and dogs) to hear about the signed purchase and sale on the CT house. Just like so many people predicted; it all seems to happen at once. Life is once again catapulting forward at lightening speed.

We're here at the beach creating memories to sip slowly years from now as we flip through the photos in our minds. Today we went to the Aquarium and Caroline's excitement more than made up for the crazy admission prices. Penguins, sharks, jelly fish and a shocking affection for the baby anaconda. She could have spent all day perched in one of the windows of the Ocean Tank. Connor slept through most of the adventure, though we did get to see the look of wonderment and confusion as he came to in front of a large tank of coral reef dwellers. "Dori!!!!"

Beach tomorrow. More memories. These babies won't be slipping through my fingers just yet.


  1. Congratulations on the new job!! And I've been WAITING to hear about the house so I'll just cross everything and check back tomorrow.

    Things are looking up and your positive attitude has totally paid off!

    xoxoxo So happy for you!

  2. I am so happy to hear that things are coming together for you!!!

  3. Congratulations on the new job! Its good to hear things are coming together for you.

  4. So sweet!!!!!! Love all of the memories you are recording ;) Need to get together soon :)

  5. Congratulation on New job. May you get all comforts in life. Anyways, Nice sharing.