gasping for air

We are literally drowning in the unknown right now.
Moving options and choices and whats, hows and whens.
Daycare paperwork, payments, and how to prepare and pack up two children for daycare in the morning.
My morning commute.
The house inspection results and if and how the owner will be addressing the things we are concerned about which leads directly into - do we have a new house or not?

It's a lot and it is taking most of our attention. We are still here, just freaking out and trying to get through each day. There is lots of excitement and nail biting and we know it will all work out, but the getting there is quite the challenge.

When I'm not here complaining about sleep, you'll probably find me here whining about the stress of moving out, moving on, and moving in. So much great stuff, not enough time to digest it slowly. 


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