not a single free moment

In addition to having precisely zero cell service at the hospital, I have yet to have a single free moment to catch my breath. Even lunch when I would normally check email or catch up on twitter is a spinning frenzy of stuff food into face and race back up to my floor. I am sure that in time as I pick up the routine of my new position I will not feel like I have been rolled around in a dryer for 8 hours. That being said, I genuinely think this job is great. The commute today was so incredibly easy that I found myself twiddling my thumbs in the halls by the card reader. Night and day. With winter looming, I'll have to plan for this. Today I discovered a few choice parking spots for those "not gonna make it, no way no how" days.

I'm busy that's for sure. I'm so busy that I barely have time to think about the kids, to worry about what they are doing. That's definitely helping. The pumping, well, that could be going better, but I am sure when my schedule is under my control it will easily be incorporated... or maybe it won't be. I have to be ok with it either way. I'm thrilled to have a place in the hospital to go, but I'm winging it with the scheduling of when to go as that varies day by day with the room's availability. That's not helping any.

The kids are getting adjusted. Connor is sleeping for Jen. Caroline played connect four with a new friend and was playing on the playground this afternoon. She comes home absolutely wired and he reaches his arms out to touch each of us as soon as we come into his sight as if he is saying "I MISSED YOU!!!!"  I just know we found the right place for them, they are going to thrive, it will all be ok.

I'm feeling so disconnected. Evenings are for lunch and bottle prep, catching up on the kid's days, spending time with steve, forcing my eyes to stay open. It's bound to get easier. I can hardly believe we are just about through the first week. One week down, one million to go. 

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  1. i'm wondering if the hectic nature of being back to work in my hospital is a better hectic than Henry hooting at me from the playpen because he insists on being held even though we were up all night and his brother is making block castles that are blown up by space aliens (causing them to crash loudly to the ground) all the while the dog is chewing a blanket... kill me.

    I WANT TO GO BACK TO WORK IN MY HOSPITAL! i'm starting back in november. tell me it's a better hectic...