reaching for the new normal

We did it. We got up and out and all got to where we needed to go despite the torrential downpour. I had to make an embarrassing phone call to HR to let them know that I had in fact left enough time, but was going to be late. Apparently a beautiful summer means that Bostonians have forgotten how to drive in the rain. Awesome start to my new work life. Thank goodness it was just general orientation. I don't actually go to my department until tomorrow and when all that crazy training starts it will all seem much more real. It's been a long time since I have worked in a hospital, since I have had to worry about exposure precautions, the EMR (electronic medical record), HIPAA, and even navigating winding halls via marked signs above pointing the way. I missed it. I haven't even really started yet - but I can already tell that I missed the energy. It already feels like a good fit.

Connor settled in nicely on a playmat with some toys. Last minute neurotic hints were handed over. He didn't even realize I was leaving. I walked Caroline down to her room, showed her to the bathroom, set her up with a puzzle and she did not even look up to say goodbye. I peeked through the window at the boy on my way out and he was still sitting there looking around all the other babies, protected from falling by a boppy. My mid day call to check in revealed that the kids had been having a good first day. Connor had been on and off fussy, had eaten well, and had napped after great effort on his teacher Jen's part. He did not cry continuously for the 8 hours he was there and I consider that a great success. Caroline had followed directions, participated in activities including a group activity, but had a sad moment after lunch when she was probably tired and feeling unsure about napping in such new surroundings. I got out earlier than planned and I was so happy to see their sweet faces.

We'll get into morning and evening routines. This will all become normal. It's just gonna take time. The spaghetti and meatball dinner provided by Kiki certainly helped make it easier.

We made it through day one. It's a new normal.


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