winding down

Steve and I schlepped our last schlep to Connecticut on Saturday morning. We created such an amazing plan of attack that even despite arriving to a lawn in desperate need of attention with weeds so high in some of the flower beds they reached my hips, we were still back on the road to MA before 4pm. As Steve pointed out, it probably had less to do with our epic planning and more to do with the fact that the kids were up at the beach with the McFam enjoying an absolutely gorgeous day. We were parents without distraction. We hauled our butts around that yard, pulled random things from the storage area under the house, emptied the basement, organized trash, and watched several items labeled "free" get swooped up by passerby. That IKEA corner shelf from college is still in such awesome shape, but Connor would be climbing it in no time. We decided we did not need two patio sets. We even unloaded a stainless sink that had seen better days from our kitchen reno in 2008. Point is, we got it done and we feel confident that the official move next weekend will go smoothly. All that remains in the house is furniture, a few pieces of wall art, and some breakables we didn't think we could bring back safely this time. The POD arrives Friday morning, we pack up and say goodbye officially on Saturday.

We both agree that we will miss that shower with its amazing water pressure. We both feel having been there this weekend that we 100% belong up here in MA. I felt it as I climbed the stairs up to the bedrooms. There is this weight in the air, a familiar weight that was always there in the background reminding me not to get too comfortable or comforting me that this was not forever- depending on the day. I lingered in the nursery while Steve showered, running my finger over the dusty edge of the dresser, laying my hands on the side of the crib that held my daughter's slumber for nearly 3 years and my son's barely ever. As much as we have felt a million miles away from this house over the last 5 months, as much as we have wished it gone and out of our lives, I know better than to think it will be easy to walk away.

The room where Caroline took her first steps. the living room I paced with her in my arms singing made up songs. the kitchen where I cooked countless batches of whoopie pies and hovered over a budding chef as she sloppily stirred lemonade. the dining room where we shared nearly every meal together. the stairs we watched her walk down sleepy-eyed for her first Santa aware Christmas morning. the back room where we spent 95% of our time; where Steve watched endless football games on Sundays and we gathered up on the couch with popcorn to watch mindless television.

It's going to be bittersweet saying goodbye and I know I will be teary and sad letting it go. We did it. We took the chance, leaped fearlessly, and it was all worth the while. We are ready for the next page.

It's going to be an utterly exhausting month; mentally, physically, emotionally. It was worth it.

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  1. ::tears::

    I know that when it's time for us to leave this house, I'm going to have similar sentiments. There are just a LOT of memories here. Even thought what's on the horizon is fantastic, it's always hard to say goodbye.

    (Missed you SO MUCH this weekend)