did I forget to tell you more?

In less than a month, on October 15th, we take are hoping all goes as planned and we will have a set of keys to this house. I haven't said much about this wonderful house since our crazy offer was actually accepted by the seller. We are still slightly in shock that it will be ours.

We already have a list of house projects:
- paint in the bedrooms
- wallpaper to remove
- cabinets to paint
- a chimney that needs work
- a new retaining wall along the driveway
- and on and on

Steve and I aren't normally the DIY type. We have opposing home improvement personalities; I want to read the labels, plan plan plan and he wants to dive in and get it done... yesterday. We do watch HGTV religiously on the weekend mornings, so often that Caroline knows that what she is watching with Daddy is "home improvement." We have grand plans, we have big dreams, we have energy, we have two little constant distractions, we have the rest of our lives to perfect this house. We're not planning a move in 5, 10, or 15 years. We're planning on making this our forever house, the one we'll sell someday to another new young family just starting out.

I know I haven't been posting as often, what with the hospital insanity I have found myself in. I'm planning another branch of this site, McCasa , to chronicle it all. The slate is blank and we want to be able to look back at every improvement large and small.

After all this time. After all we have been through. It just doesn't seem real yet, but it is, it will be, and we are looking forward to next chapter.


  1. ooohhh, i love that little stone path and flower borders! lots of potential there! :) congrats on the house!

  2. So pretty! Hope it all goes through. What town is it in? Franklin?

  3. Kerrie9:48 PM

    Great news, Kerri! Congrats!