It's hard being away from this space for so long. The good news is that while I am away I am lost in reality. When I am not pushing paper at the hospital, I am soaking in the goodness of the ever changing landscape of my kids.

Tonight Connor was showing off, pulling himself to standing on his own to get a better angle on the Fisher Price piano. Yesterday he was pulling himself up onto my lap and then rolling over onto his back to get a better look at me. He's vocalizing like a crazy man, "baaa baaa!" I spent time holding him by the shore over the long weekend, gazing at the remains of Earl, his wide eyes taking it all in.

Caroline loved the first BC game of the year. We spent approximately an hour of the tailgate waiting in line to get a BC painted on her cheek while the 25 children in front of us had their faces painted in maroon and gold or for whatever reason a shark. She napped briefly with Papa, but otherwise she was sitting with Kelly clapping and cheering and keeping a watchful eye on Baldwin. That Baldwin, he's tricky. While waiting in the gigunda line for face paint, I tried saving her space while she went the line next door for the bounce house. Wouldn't you know that Mr. Mascot Baldwin chose exactly that moment to walk in and he of course positioned himself BETWEEN us making it impossible for her retreat to the safety on my arms. Wonderful.

We all sat on the deck Sunday evening, listening to the waves, enjoying one last meal together at the beach. We started going around asking Caroline what everyone's "REAL" name was and she obliged. She insisted I was just "Mommy" and when prompted with "Daddy says hey,..." her reply was "Soul Sister."

Oh the laugh tears that resulted from that one.


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