how many days until May?

It was the very best summer. It's not quite over yet,but in so many ways it already feels that way. I had so much time at our special beach this summer, more than I have ever had before. I have double the freckles I had in May. The kids rested in the ocean breeze. Caroline not only allowed herself to be partially submerged in the sea, but begged to "swim," even bragged about swimming. Her curls Shirley Templed themselves in the salty air. Connor discovered sand and decided he isn't quite ready to be a sand lover. They took walks together in a new stroller for two, side by side. My babies, each other's best friend.

There were many lobster feasts. There were late night conversations over red wine and pickle juice. I tucked my daughter into a bedroom she was overwhelmingly happy to share with Auntie k. I kept a light on in the hallway so I could see my son in one of his MANY overnight wake ups. We ate countless Hummies for breakfast. We watched Friday Night Lights SILENTLY - no small undertaking in this family. We alternately cheered for the Sox and threw our arms up in disgust. We searched for big rocks to keep the sun tent steady, we cleared rocks to have a sandy place to sit.

Every time we leave the beach, Caroline cries. She hates to leave. She loves it that much. When we go to the playground I remind her, "When it's time to go" and she reluctantly answers, "it's time to go." When we leave the beach I remind her, "The best part of the beach is that" and she says, "we always get to go back." She always asks me when that will be and I always have an answer. After next week it won't be so soon that she will be going back. My try at comfort will be for naught because summer must end. She must learn this. She must understand and yet, I don't want it to end either. The summer of our life together - the one that I spent with them hand in hand, day in and day out, must come to an end.

I think I will tell her to close her eyes and think of the beach, to really feel it. What does she hear? What does she see? What does she feel?

Can she hear the crashing waves? the barking of the neighbor's dog? the screams of the kids in the surf?

Can she see the endless sea from the deck? the table full of lobster butter droplets?

Can she feel the icy ocean water as she jumps waves with her Papa? the feel of the air in her face on the porch swing? the flick of the sea grass against her legs as she walks down to the steps to her most favorite place?

She's a beach bum Papa, you got her.

I'm thanking god we have BC Football to distract her.

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  1. I get a little blue each summer end too. More so this year with the start of Kindergarten. But your post made me a little misty thinking of what it means to end a summer and how wonderful it must have been to be at the beach all summer with your children. Cherish the memories.