measuring the passage of time

When we packed up CT I labored over my closet and dresser. It was February and summer felt like light years away. I thought we would be wherever we were going to be before tanks and tees and surely before swim suits. I was wrong.

I opened the closet in Connor's room this morning, where I keep my things separate from steve's suits, and realized I have changed out my last season of clothing in this house. This house we have shared for six months with Kiki and Papa. This house where our daughter begs for thirty-year-old sesame street sheets that snuggled her father's slumber. This house where Connor's bouncer relocated the trash. This house where we grew together and not separately from steve's family. This house that will be so hard to leave in less than thirty days.

I measure the passing of time here in the usage of things. Another bottle of shampoo. A new bar of soap. Laundry detergent. Olive oil. Baking supplies. Would we be here for another pound of sugar? Would I need another deodorant? Would the kids need more bath wash?

We have been at Kiki and papas for five bars of soap, three bottles of shampoo, two conditioners, three contact solutions, two tubes of toothpaste, three pounds of sugar, six pounds of butter.

I have changed my clothes from winter post maternity wear, to spring, to summer and fall. The next time I pull out the sweaters we will be in the new house. A whole year of seasons will have passed. The world will have made it most of the way around the sun.

I have measured the passage of time and it has felt so short and so long all at once. I think it feels that way when you are on a journey. You want to stop and enjoy, but you also just want to get to your destination. It's been the trip of a lifetime and the best part is - it's just beginning.


  1. Really nice way to look at things. Sounds like it was a great experience for everyone.

  2. Ker - I'm not one for major sap, but OMG girl. You lost me in the beauty of your words in this post! The measurement of time via "things" is such a powerful and true analogy.

    Love you, love your words and can't wait to read about your fresh journey in the new house where you will buy a new pound of sugar.