7 random things

In the midst of the move you aren't getting much news and substance from me so THANK YOU to Colleen for tagging me for a 7 random things post.

1. When I was little I truly believed I could be anything I wanted to be. I took it to heart when a grown up reminded me that I could be anything I wanted to be when I grew up as long as I could dream it... and in my dream I was going to be a tree.

2. When I sat in the back of the class in fifth grade and realized I couldn't see the blackboard, I was afraid to tell anyone because my father's airline was on strike and glasses surely were expensive.

3. My brother and I found a nest of baby birds that had fallen on the sidewalk (I believe from being ripped out from under the air conditioner) and tried to nurse them back to health. They didn't make it.

4. Brett and I spent an entire summer playing pitch and spades with our next door neighbors. We were such expert players that we took on and beat the best pitch players we had ever met - my grandfather and great uncle. We literally played every.single.day.

5. In college I often ate just pretzels for dinner.

6. I met my would be in laws with an eyebrow ring.

7. When I was a little girl playing with friends I always renamed myself either Stephanie (which is funny now that I am married to a Steven) OR Anastasia.

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  1. An eyebrow ring! There a whole other side to you in these entervening 15 years that I don't know but would love to hear more about!