The "Con Man"

You would think that we had never done this before. If you saw us at the community hospital last night at 10:30pm holding a baby in our arms you would think, that poor little baby, I hope he is ok and my those parents look so calm... until you got close enough to see that little boy was FLIRTING with the nurses, smiling ear to ear, delighting in the attention.

All day Sunday we monitored the little guy. Connor was rosy cheeked, pulling his ears, upset each time we laid him on his back to change his diaper. This was not our first rodeo. We knew it was probably ears and we knew we would have to push through the tough night because the pediatrician was not open on Sunday. We knew it would mean a sick visit to have the ears checked on Monday. Then the screaming reached a new high. and then it was completely unresponsive to the drugs we had loaded his little body up with. I said it was enough and we were going to the hospital... for an ear infection. If anyone else even made a move to take him from me, he whined and grabbed onto me panicked and I started to worry it might be something more and who can handle seeing real honest to goodness tears fall from your sweet baby's eyes? So we made our way to the hospital annddd cue the smiley baby. The Con Man.

NO ear infection. NO teeth.

Diagnosis: "Normal Baby." Seriously, that is what it says on our discharge paperwork. Normal baby.

The admissions person manning the ER check in desk made some comment about "Look Who's Talking" the movie and we went with it for a bit. "Wait till I tell the kids at school that I got to go for a car ride at 10PM!" or "So THIS is what Mommy and Daddy do when I go to bed." It was comical and then it wasn't because if it wasn't the ears and it wasn't teeth (and trust me, it wasn't teeth because I had felt around those gums no fewer than 20 times on Sunday) WHAT WAS IT???? Gas? A sore belly? Really? NO EAR INFECTION???

Can't wait to get that bill in the mail. Can't wait to tell him this story when he is about 16. Can't say enough prayers that this is the one and only late night drive to the ER Steve and I will have to experience as parents.


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