Halloween Snippet

It is the first year we have had to think of two children for Halloween. Caroline announced awhile ago that she wanted to be "Buzz Buzz Light Year To the Rescue" and she has stuck to this plan since. If you ask, it's Buzz. so Buzz it is! Connor has an adorable little Bat costume courtesy of his cousins, but I think the chunk may not be able to squeeze his fleshy thighs into the suit come end of October. We quickly coordinated the costumes and ordered a Toy Story Halloween, one buzz and one toy alien.

I just had to call India a la that new show "outsourced" to find out when exactly they think they might ship out that little alien costume because "where's my stuff?" shows no ship date whatsoever and my agent could not in fact be any more precise. I canceled and ordered elsewhere. Seems like we will see lots of little green alien toys out and about on October 31st... they might not however have a real Buzz Buzz to go with them house to house like our Connor will.

Caroline's costume came in the mail the other night and wow, was she ever excited to slip it on. In what has become a classic in this house, I put her shin guards on upside down... much like how I still cannot set the table properly NOR can I put her shoes on the correct feet. Once we got the shin guards on properly she went to the mirror to bask in her Buzzness, only to be utterly disappointed that her costume did not work. She pressed one of the buttons on her chest and looked up at me sadly when it did not work. When we informed her that SHE would have to do the talking and say "to infinity and beyond!" she wanted out of that broken costume. Girlfriend better get it together and learn the lines before trick or treat or mommy better get online and find some sound files to steal for her.

Our little pair of Toy Story characters... reminds me of a certain sister and brother who went out one year as an orange toothbrush and a tube of Crest. It was awesome, MORE awesome that my mother had made both outfits completely from scratch on her sewing machine. I wish I could do that... maybe next year.

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  1. Katherine's costume arrives this weekend, courtesy of Papa and Gram Meagher. Last month she declared she wanted to be a princess and nothing else and they located a costume at Costco for her. Since then it has become "A DRAGON...ROAR!!!!" We're hoping she'll see the costume and forget about the dragon, otherwise it's back to Costco with that princess costume and the search for a dragon is on.

    Oh and I totally remember that toothbrush and crest toothpaste. I alternate between wishing people got more creative and still made their own costumes and kissing the feet of the person that began to mass produce them. I know my mom started sweating every October 1st at what Colleen and I would request. The most outlandish one was the box of McDonald's french fries.