Kerry got this sign for me this past Mother's Day. Could there be a more perfect statement to describe how we feel about the ""official" move tomorrow. I didn't know in May exactly where it might hang someday, but I knew it would be close to here. I never would have imagined it would be right around the corner, but it is, a white split level house a four minute ride away. This sign will find a new home somewhere where we can see it everyday and be reminded of its truth - to count among our many blessings that we are here. Home.

It's been a ride, feeling longer and windier at some times than others. There were some real lows when the house fell through, when there were no showings at the house, when it felt like we were caught in some neverending inbetween. Never once over the past 7 months did we feel that we had outworn our welcome. Not once did we feel that we had better sell or find a house soon because things never got even a tiny bit icy. Sure, we forced a lot of reality tv on Steve's parents, but we found joy in our evenings spent with them in their family room talking about the house in CT, countless potential houses to purchase, the kids, potential jobs, life.

If we had known in March that it would have taken this long to get ourselves out of one house and into another, I would do it all again so long as we could have still had the gracious offer of sharing Steve's parents' home for all these months. We never could have done it long distance and all of the other countless options we could have come up with cope through the transition just would not have created the positive day to day we were so fortunate to experience. There were always extra hands, someone to step in when we needed it. Getting used to life without all that help is going to be hard, but that is not the only thing we will miss.

Modern Family is funnier with four watchers than two. Having someone agree that my husband texts with Marc an obscene amount felt gratifying. I enjoyed having more than just one other adult to cook for, even if it did hit the sleds when I went back to work. I actually kept a list of "things I learned while living with my mother-in-law." I briefly considering putting that list in place of this post, but I don't think learning how to properly set the table can compete with the actual experience of sharing this space with two amazing, adoring, always ready to go above and beyond role models for life, love and parenthood.

Thanks for all the talks, for all the support, the positivity, the love for our babies, and for being right that it WOULD happen, that it WOULD all work itself out. We're planning a special dinner for them, but how can you ever thank anyone properly for this? I suspect they might feel properly "thanked" when I note that I would do the same for one or both of my children, that keeping family together not just in spirit but in geography is paramount, that 7 months is but a sliver of time in a lifetime, and that those 7 months while at time challenging are a gift in disguise, an opportunity.

Kiki has everything she needs in her kitchen to make a gourmet meal or a perfect batch of funfetti cupcakes. Everything save one small thing. I didn't buy the cadillac because I know she doesn't need it. She measures with her eye; a dash of this, a smidge of that. She puts together a meal sans recipe and tweaks it over time. I hope she'll consider it a part of her kitchen, if only just a reminder that while we could measure the time we spent here together, it would be impossible to quantify the memories, the joys, the enlightenment of this most special and cherished time together.

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  1. Isn't it amazing? So glad you had a wonderful experience. Our situation certainly isn't how I would have pictures the past year and a half unfolding, but I wouldn't trade the time for anything else. Now that we've gone through this time and survived it, it feels like the greatest gift we could have received!