We went over to "the white house" tonight for a brief adventure with a measuring tape. Caroline came with us and ran right to her room at the end of the hall, full of light and excitement and my god, it was amazing. It was every reason we did this - all of this - the move to CT, the life we built, the move home - the risk we took to leave it all behind - all wrapped up in that little girl's absolute delight by her new house. The house that will become her home. The home she will grow up in. Home.

I've talked about it a lot. Maybe too much. I don't think I can talk about it enough. We looked around the house that isn't quite ours tonight and we could see the future. Sure, that future needs love and elbow grease, but we've got a lifetime to put our hearts into it and make it our palace.

I can see her mixing up some eggs at her kitchen in the family room. I can see Connor perfecting his teetering walk down the hallway. There is such excitement, such anxiety, such hope.

We pass papers in one week.


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