Packing paper and ibuprofen

We're getting there. Spent some time tonight doing the breakables kiddie free. The dining room and sideboard are all unpacked and we lost just a few minor things- not bad for nearly 7 months in storage and transit. Some of is have been under the weather this week- Connor had a bug last Wednesday until yesterdayish. His bum is so sad, but getting better. I pushed through a terrible creeping illness on tuesday that led to me driving home feeling like I was under the influence. Temp of 101.7. I walked right past my babies and husband and mil to crawl under the covers where I slept for 12 hours. My fever rose and broke several times the next day and I slept and slept and slept. We are getting better. Slowly. We'll be moved in this weekend. It is starting to feel and look like home.


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