Six is for candy

Today marks our Sixth Wedding Anniversary. With the assistance of my brother, Uncle Bubba, we enjoyed an absolutely amazing dinner last night that began with Philly Cheese Steak Spring Rolls and Ended with Banana Bread Pudding. Amazing. I'm sure my $12 Syrah Sangria helped me enjoy what was already an incredible meal. In my old age I noticed my heels slipping on the wood floor as we walked in, allowing me opportunity to walk slowly with poise to the exit despite my good to the last drop cocktail. With age comes wisdom and spice drops.

With the house purchase looming we agreed not to get each other a gift, but Steve picked up some spice drops and sour patch kids to mark the traditional 6th anniversary gift of Candy. We had already agreed to find a fabulous set of iron fireplace tools, the modern gift once the crazy settles down and we have lazy Sundays again. Lazy pajama Sundays that begin with Dunkin and Home Improvement, ease their way into football, and work up to fire and and a glass of wine with 60 Minutes. My God, we've completely gone soft haven't we?

We used the motivation of a day off when daycare is uncharacteristically open to get all the boxes out of Kiki and Papa's basement today, leaving Monday open for an early movie and lunch. As we talked through it we ended up with the following schedule of events: drop kids off at usual time (caro is a creature of habit and we HAVE to get there before the room fills up too much and becomes socially overwhelming to her), go directly to the grocery store, drop of groceries and make a 10:05 movie for the ???? price of 6.00, hit the all you can eat breadstick, salad, and soup lunch at olive garden, head home and throw the jimmy buffs into the oven. (thanks amanda for one of our favorite recipees!) So while you may be enjoying Columbus Day with a sale or sleeping in, we are pretending to be AARP cardholders for the day.

We have a few moving tasks to take care of on our day off, but we are feeling ahead of the game with the closing looming just 4 days away. FOUR days.

When we got married 6 years ago and the expanse of time lay ahead of us marked decidedly with a question mark, in our grandest dreams we would have a girl and a boy and be living in precisely the town we are going to live in. It seemed like an impossibility then and yet here we are, taking the roundabout way to our ideal, but attaining the seemingly unattainable nonetheless. The best decision I have ever made in life was to meet this adorable blue eyed quiet boy at the Parish Cafe. Knowing him has made all the difference. I am lucky, oh so lucky, and six years later, it feels just the same as it did the night I walked into that bar and sidled up to the cute BC kid that would become my husband. 

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