We have entered the danger zone.

Connor has been moving more and more, leaning a bit further, reaching with all his might, pulling himself up on EVERYTHING in sight. I plunked him on the floor Sunday afternoon to pick out his and my clothes for the week and there he went. Gone in a flash.

In an instant he left his babydom behind in the dust as he crawled toward the door, determined, seeking danger, pulling on an electrical cord, climbing a box with slippy feetie pjs, moving ever closer to the hallway - home of The Stairway.

We've been watching and waiting and both willing him to stall development of this skill set and encouraging him to "come to Mommy booboo!" You want to watch these milestones, to be present for them, but you will them away because surely your teeny tiny just arrived yesterday baby could not possibly be making his first literal leap toward independence?

With Caroline I could not wait for her to reach each new stage. Crawling. Self Feeding. Walking. Talking. With Connor I refer back to this blog - what was she doing? Should he be ______? What was she eating? I refer back and I watch him with the eyes of a lightly seasoned mother, knowing that time will slip faster and faster as we move along this chronology. I know what awaits him in the general sense. I have the same enthusiasm for his accomplishments, but there is a twinge of sadness that accompanies each new phase. I leaped for joy - My BRILLIANT daughter could feed herself a cheerio without choking! Let me tell everyone I know, strangers at the grocery store, people I walked by on the street. I would smile proudly, my amazing baby girl.

Each new moment of brilliance with Connor is a celebration, but also a loss: the last time I will watch one of my little people connect the dots

...on how to loosen that pesky leg and crawl to reach whatever is attracting his attention - ohhh the brick hearth - exciting and DANGEROUS

...and stop just staring at that tiny piece of bread on his high chair tray to actually try to pick it up and get it into his mouth

... to pull himself to standing

... to leap seemingly into nothingness from whatever piece of furniture he is cruising

... to understand that if he wants to get anywhere in a room, to any dangerous item in his sight line, he need only use his own body to propel himself towards in, in multiple crawls... whatever he sees is his and his alone to break

Connor is crawling. He didn't skip it afterall, but it is clear he won't be satisfied with crawling for very long. I am proud. I am thrilled for him. I want to steal him away from time and keep him still for just a moment more.


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