the beginning

It’s about to get interesting again. Not that I think it has been completely uninteresting around this place for a couple months or anything, but man, it’s going to be so much better. It’s hard to come up with a post at the end of a day when you arrive home just in time for a dinner that you feel guilty you haven’t prepared, to see an adorable baby already rubbing his tired eyes, to find an off the wall preschooler either giddy or an emotional wreck, to feel like you have aged 5 days instead of 1, to feel dread about the next day. Today is my last day of work at the hospital. TODAY IS MY LAST DAY OF WORK AT THE HOSPITAL. There are certainly people I will miss, but this was just not a good decision from day one. When you know on day one that the fit is wrong, you can be pretty sure that it is wrong. On a positive note, this position pushed me to take on my fear of the LCSW exam and because of my missteps I am now taking corrective action with my professional life. I’ve got a little time off between gigs thanks to the state being slow with getting my licensure paperwork to me. I’m sure I’ll get the house more settled and get some things out of the way during this time that I have been putting off. Perhaps I will be able to stop buying health and beauty items from Stop and Shop and get back to Target runs. Maybe I’ll hang all the artwork. Perhaps I’ll finally organize our bathroom. Maybe I’ll do the Christmas shopping. It is a much needed break I’ll tell you and in some ways this time is exactly what I need to recenter, decompress and move forward – stronger and better than before – with more posts – more laughs – just MORE.

Steve’s been a gem, taking on such enormous responsibility during the week with the kids and dinner and housework. It was good for us to experience this, but we are all so much better when mama has a more flexible life.

Our living room furniture was delivered this morning! There is a swing set being installed in the backyard! I spent four hours raking leaves yesterday afternoon – WHY? Because I am an idiot, an idiot who can barely walk today. Steve is away in NC for the BC/Duke game this weekend! We have a portrait party with Anelise on Sunday! Prepare yourselves, I’m back! Back here, back on twitter, just BACK to being me again.

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  1. Welcome back! I have to admit, I missed your regular twitters.

    Next time, you should head on down to NC with Steve, we could have met up!