I've been keeping busy this week. I said "see ya!" to the hospital last Friday and now, nearly a week later, I have been busy at home. I finally tackled those boxes, you know, the ones that... linger. What is IN those boxes anyway???

I put away the little piles of "stuff that has no home." I tackled the three bathrooms. I pulled out the vacuum. I washed the kitchen floor. I scrubbed the kitchen sink. I hung pictures on the walls. We needed this week. I had no idea we were still living in such an in between until I saw the house through the eyes of someone who had TIME. I barely stopped to eat lunch and even if my brain was all, "GET A COKE!" I kept going and going.

I've eaten the most wonderful turkey sandwiches all week with ranch dressing, cucumbers, and Flat Out bread. Have you had this Flat Out yet? You should. You REALLY should.

I just updated McCasa. More to come over there tomorrow with some updated kitchen photos. You WANT to see the update!

I was on the phone with the Association of Social Work Boards yesterday and I am OFFICIAL; LCSW REINSTATED! I notified my new employer and I could start as early as Monday, though they are unsure if they want me to start during a holiday week.

Tomorrow - getting some lights fixed on the car and baking PUMPKIN WHOOPIE PIES.


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