another new tradition

Steve and I took Caroline to Spaghetti with Santa on Wednesday night. We left Connor at home in the capable hands of his grandparents and pushed through the whipping rain storm to eat pasta with the big guy in the red suit. It is a sweet idea that benefits our town's school music program and for $21 plus a few more for the all important Santa photo, raffle tickets, and cookies - it was a festive way to spend an evening with Caroline. We waited in line to get into the pasta portion of the event, only to decide that it would be better to forgo prime seat choice for a photo with Santa right off the bat. We signed in, chose a digital photo that we'll of course post here, and then WHAM, she saw him. She didn't run away, cower or hide her face... until I made the move to put her up on his lap and then she lost it. Poor Santa. I hate making them hold her hostage for the photo, but we did it. I held her hand and told her it would be ok and click click she was done. We ate our pasta, we listened to the student musicians, the chorus, and put in for some sweet raffle prizes.  The all important misery shot will be posted as soon as they forward it. Can't wait to see that one - oy. We're four for four in Santa fails.

She did collect a candy cane when Santa walked the room saying hello to everyone and since he had a treat in his hand, that little run in went surprisingly well. Photographic proof below. Please note the proper wooden spoon for the hoodsie! What happened to those???

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  1. The only reason we have ONE decent shot of Katherine with Santa is because she was only four months old that first Christmas and didn't know any better. Other than that, we're in the same boat as you. Santa comes to our town Community Center tonight for FREE pictures and Katherine has said she wants to go...I'm figuring at least I'll get a pic of Teddy with Santa, if Katherine wants to join in, that's gravy. I'm not counting on it.