in one week

Christmas will be over. All the gifts will be opened. The kids will be playing with that extra special NEW TOY twinkle in their eyes. The wrapping will be gathered together for trash pickup. We all will have consumed approximately TOO many cookies. The holiday will be over. Hard to believe isn't it??

I tried to show restraint this year with my holiday shopping for the kids, focusing more on needs than wants, but what's Christmas without a little excess? There won't be any stairs to shield Caroline's view from her Christmasmorningpalooza and I wonder if we will be dragging ourselves with closed eyes toward the tree when she opens her bedroom door and realizes that "HE CAME!!" If we thought she got it last year I have no idea what this year will be like because this year - SHE GETS IT. I need to remember to take photos, to take video, to take a moment to sit with my husband and watch her rip through paper and shriek in excitement over everything. I think her father might be pretty excited about what Santa is bringing him too, but we'll have to wait and see.

Hope you're getting through those last minute holiday tasks. I'm trying hard to keep in mind that as hectic as this time of year is, it will be over and gone too quickly. We're over here trying to relish some holiday magic.


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