Sickmas Eve

Lo there was sickness. It was an incubus of plague. I heard from other parents that they had it far worse; the narovirus filling their holiday stockings with puke and poop and wouldn't you much prefer coal? I know we were spared far worse, but several days after the incubus of plague we are still getting back to normal.

Connor wasn't himself last Tuesday. I dropped him at school and warned the teachers that something was up. He spent three plus hours sleeping and then wanted to sit in his crib and watch the goings on from behind bars. He spiked a fever that night and spent the next day charming his grandparents down the street for the day while Steve and I tried to finish out the week.

His fever wouldn't go away, he was pulling on his ears, so we booked the last appointment of the night at the pedi; 7:45pm. I'll jog your memory here, it was snowing. The wind was howling. People were in a panic because they hadn't finished their shopping and SNOW!!!! Two baby's firsts that night; baby's first double ear infection and baby's first antibiotic. It was a sleepless night.

Connor was in bed with me by 11:00 and up more than down all the way until 6:00. Steve was off thank god and I somehow pulled myself together to get both Caroline and myself out and to work/school. Connor gave Steve the hardest parenting day of his life. His many texts included, "he won't sleep. I am putting him in his crib for 10 minutes so I can shower." Another terrible night.

A day off that included some family snuggle time in Mommy and Daddy's bed, three of four wearing nothing more than a robe. Mass. Tired Connor won't sleep. Our incubus of plague visits two houses before retiring for the evening, except not really. He was up 8 times in an hour and Mommy was on the brink of braving the Christmas Eve streets to bring him to the ER because the screams were so awful and so pained that I was sure he was missing a finger nail. Eventually I hypothesized that the one thing bringing him peace, the pacifier, was actually bringing not relief but incensing my poor boy who could not breathe through his nose. When I got him to sleep and removed the sacred paci, he slept for longer stretches of about 20 minutes until 7:30. He and I were were so sick we considered not heading West to my parents, but we made it, incubus of plague and all. I'm glad we did, but we spared the extendeds the introduction to the incubus. We're hopeful no one else gets to experience this bronchitis disaster of a mess as a direct result of contact with us.

It's been a trying time. You know that it has been particularly hard when you welcome the snow day not to relax or get things in order, but to get a teeny smidge better before heading back to work. He's fever free for two days and almost through his amoxicillin. I'd give anything to be done with my Mucinex.


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