brandy new year

It would be impossible to top the excitement of 2010. The birth of a baby, the move, the house sale, the house purchase, the new jobS, the new school. Steve and I made it all the way to midnight last night, our ninth one together. We were impressed to make it that late as the plague continues to haunt our home. I cannot seem to shake this sickness. The kids are making a recovery, thank goodness for school vacation after all.

As we sat together watching the ball drop we decided that all we want for 2011 is a much less eventful year. We want less drama, less excitement. We want more time together just being, more hugs, more lazy Sundays. We want to enjoy and savor this year that with any luck will be borderline boring to an onlooker, but will be cherished gold to those living it. In just a few weeks Connor turns one. Have I done anything to plan for this - no. In just over a month Caroline turns four. Have I done anything to plan for this either? No.

I know it will all come together. It always does. I'm struggling with how to make it special for each of them. I need to order cakes, I need to order food. I need... to clean my house.


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