if I heat brahm's lullaby one more time...

I'm going to hope that when that cradle from the other song falls from the tree top, I fall with it. I spent an hour tonight trying to lull my baby boy to sleep. He's typically perfection at bedtime - a tub, jammies, medicine droppers, a bottle, pacifier, a round of Brahm's Lullaby on his music box and zzzzzz - snoozeville. He's been fighing his naps and bedtime the last couple days. I could make a hundred excuses as to why this might be; he is walking and wants to just keep practicing, he is not eating as well and is hungry, he is teething, his ears never fully cleared, he thinks nothing is funnier than lulling his mother into believing he is sleepy only to wretch in agony the moment she removes her hand from his back. Each and every time (and we are talking about a dozen times) I put him down for bed tonight he laid on his side, contented, only to raise himself to his knees suddenly as I backed my way to the door. An HOUR of my life swaying, bouncing, shhing, kissing his nose, rubbing his head, pressing the weight of my hand onto his shoulder or back. We let him cry for almost 15 minutes while I collected myself - swore at him - remarked at how I had sweat through my clothing putting my nearly one year old to sleep. With all the bouncing and swaying I have been doing the last couple days I should have abs of steel people. ABS of STEEL. Instead I make it to the couch defeated by an eleven month old craving the Reese's trees and Crunch bells sitting in the big bowl of holiday candy.

Do hunger strikes lead to sleeping strikes???

My plan: put up with the crazy tired behavior as long as possible to ensure that he absolutely cannot keep his eyes open a single moment more before I put him to bed. I love the kid, but an hour to go to bed, yeah no.


  1. Not that I wish for your baby to have a hunger strike and trouble sleeping, but it is reassuring to know that what Ryan just went through was "Normal." For at least a month he ate like CRAP! And he slept poorly too. It wasn't so much trouble going to sleep, but he was waking more (yes, I said more, he still gets up once a night) than normal. He is back to normal now! Hang in there!!

  2. Oh I am right there with you. Teddy is just getting over a cold and boy are we having some tough nights. Kid will be SOUND asleep in my arms, the second his head hits that crib, all over. We counting the small improvement as progress. Can't last forever, can it??