Not at him, about him

I did. And then steve did when he was awake from 3:30-5:00am. For no reason. One step fw, two steps back. What gives little man???? Mommy was just starting to feel better.

I ignored my 6am alarm. I slept in until 6:51. I left con in bed with sleeping steve. Not a peep from caro until 7:30. We got a late start today and my day has been crazy.

I spent about two hours trying to help a family plan for the potential transport of their family member back to Africa after death and I learned all about Muslim death traditions in an effort to help them decide whether to send her home or not. It was a lot. It involved calling the embassy in dc. They still haven't decided - I'm holding my breath for her to live until they make up their mind.

I started my day being told, "I don't want to be rude, but there are too many people involved here and I think I want to just get through this on my own." this was after I brought her the paper that had been left in her mailbox: my little attempt to connect with her.

Today: colossal waste of time and feeling like I made a tremendous difference. We'll call Monday a draw.


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