day job

My day job comes complete with a speedy sleek Mini laptop. It is adorable. The battery life is unreal. It allows precisely ZERO online access to anything beyond mapping sites and our company website. I've lost touch here and it affects me deeply. Tapping these keys and hitting the post button allows me to keep simple order in my life and maintain some sense of perspective in the daily drama of our family's life. I've really been missing that.

There are big holes in this place where I have diligently chronicled the nut house since ohhh, 2006. Those big holes make me sad because I won't be able to go back and relive the things in those holes because all that sits there is the space between posts. In years I'll wonder, when did Connor get those two top teeth? It was a couple weeks ago and they have been coming in PAINFULLY slowly. His smile is forever changed and when he lays back on the ground and belly laughs at nothing more than the wonderfulness of being alive those teeth make him look at least two. The baby in him has all but vanished. All that remains of that era is a baby bottle he STILL drinks at least 3 times a day, feetie pajamas and too tight onesies. Today he wore a polo shirt with long sleeves layered under and I felt like I was in a time warp when he raced by me in the kitchen. Who was that adorable little BOY. Time is slipping out of my grasp. In that blink I swear he could have been 14 opening the fridge to do the long peer in plotting how he would eat us out of house and home in the span on one evening.

We caught Caroline pulling Connor into a corner to feed him pieces of Trader Joe's Puffins cereal. She gathers him into her arms and plants kisses on his cheeks all while he pushes away from her to reach an object that has caught his fleeting curiousity. Some nights they take baths together and I think they both prefer those nights. Tonight was one of those nights and they could not bear to be apart post bath; Connor straining against me uncharacteristically to race off naked next door to squeal happily with his equally naked sister. Post bath Connor is typically calm, Maggie Simpsoning that pacifier, closing his eyes in contentment while I gently rub his hair to a damp dry with the towel. Tonight they reminded us while we had two. Two naked bums running around the room. Two giggling happy souls. Double happiness.

My day job doesn't allow me that time during daylight to ponder this place, to spend a lunch hour tapping away, but I miss it enough to work it back in. If not for my sanity, for the future Kerri who will want to read and relive and relish these sweet simple moments of motherhood.


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