ears and not the mickey kind

We are currently on that same slippery slope of antibiotic poop of doom that was all too familiar when Caroline would get an ear infection requiring anything stronger than amoxicillin to clear up. Finally we find something that is the same between children! yay! =(

I brough a huge tub of triple paste to daycare this afternoon. I packed a lunch of banana (hates), applesauce (loathes), and whole grain bread (tolerable) in hopes of getting ahead of his terrible reaction, but I suspect he would prefer to starve himself than eat his lovingly and thoughfully prepared BRAT diet lunch. I have been putting acidopholous probiotic into apple juice or yogurt daily since his well visit on Monday revealed the double ear infections, but it hasn't gotten us ahead of the dreaded rash.

Funny thing about that awful double ear infection diagnosis; it occurred during the kids' well visits on Monday. I had a schedule appointment for both of them at 9:15AM. It was a risk taking both of them solo, but it was a risk I was willing to try. Once. Never again. The kids were amazing, playing together in the play area, being as patient as a four and one year old could be. Connor tried to sit on a stool and color like his big sister and I took turns hoisting them up onto my shoulder to touch the snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. They raced around the waiting room until after 10AM. I had actually and uncharacteristically arrived early at this appointment as well, hoping that an early arrival for one of the first appointment's of the day might get me in and out earlier. At 9:40 I asked what the hold up was and was met with, "do you have a scheduled appointment?" If I had not had to have Connor's ears checked I would have rescheduled, but that would have brought them far too much satisfaction because presto, they would have been ontime. Someone arrived and heard me talking on the phone about the lateness and gasped when they realized they were waiting for the same doctor. We went back and stripped the littlest patient down to his diaper at 10:05 and the doctor knocked on the door at nearly 10:30. All their patience was gone, their good moods disappeared, and they were both hungry. One missed his morning nap to sit in the doctor's office and watch his sister purposely name incorrect colors because she thought is was silly. I was flaming mad, but Connor did have a terrible double ear infection which made staying worth my time.

I had to watch my poor girl get two shots and seriously nothing can prepare you for the look of betrayal on a four year old's face when she realizes that a shot HURTS. I think it is way worse to watch an older kid get vaccinated than a baby. There is no quick pick up, no shhing, no manuever to correct that betrayal. She stood there screaming for several minutes and I felt so bad for her. I had been answering her, "why isn't someone coming yet?" questions since 10:10 with, "I don't know, but I don't know if we should come back here." She looked up at me with those tears pooling on her chin, dropping slowly to floor and told me, "I never want to come back here again."

Dropped her at school, picked up antibiotic, ibuprophen, and probiotic at CVS, dropped Connor at Kiki's. Finally started my WORK day at 12:30. 12:30.

This is WHY I never arrive anywhere early. This is WHY I hardly ever arrive on time.

Connor: 21 lbs 12 oz (up nearly 2 lbs since the post Christmas stomach bug), 30 inches
Caroline: 34 lbs, 40 inches - tall enough to ride Splash Mountain at Disney this fall.


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