The world has come full circle. Exactly one year to the day of our big move up from CT, Connor was baptized in what will be the church community he will be a part of. When we first moved, we wanted to know where we would be settling down before his baptism and that was still such an unknown. For whatever reason it was important to me that the parish we had this sacrament would be the parish we would be a part of. We didn't know where that parish would be. When we did buy the house and settle into our new routine it was fall, it was Thanksgiving, Christmas, the kids' birthdays and WHAM, Connor was one entire year old and still had not had his dip into the baptismal font.

What to do when your baby is a walking one year old and cannot wear a traditional Christianing Gown?

Let's just pretend that I didn't wake up thinking we were going to have to call the whole thing off. I felt knots in my stomach and had to do the in through the nose out through the mouth DO NOT PUKE mental ditty.If Steve had not allowed me to sleep for another two hours I am not sure it would have happened. I drifted in and out keeping track of time by the Disney Cartoons still booming from the television. "Oh, Handy Manny, another 21 minutes gone by, it must be 8."

I hope no one else gets the bug I had, I tried to keep my distance and I washed my hands all the live long day. I wonder if we should have cancelled, if we should have done it. I just hope no one else gets sick.

Connor was racing around like a mad man before the ceremony and when the priest arrived he quieted on my lap, sat for the most part in a sort of reverent silence. He knew something important was happening. Besides briefly grabbing his newly baptized head, Connor was a champ. We're so proud of him and his godparents; Auntie k and Uncle Marc. He's so lucky to such wonderful people in his life.

I kept making excuses and feeling guilty that we had been so lax in organizing this sacrament for him, but in reality it is the perfect way to close the great year of transition. We arrived in Massachusetts last year on February 27th, the same day Connor took his baptismal dip, a metaphor for so many things in our life. Our year of change has ended and it is like a rebirth in so many ways.


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