Another bathtime horror show

I wrote in frustrated detail about our harrowing experience with Caroline and her fear of hair in the bath.


We have another baby with another whole batch of bathing issues. It all started on Friday night when the kids hopped into the bath together. It is more efficient, just a bit more chaotic. Caroline had been washed and rinsed, conditioned and rinsed again. The tub was still filling. Steve is an exceptionally efficient bath parent.

We had directed our efforts at the smaller one and totally missed the girl at the front of the tub who exploring the lever that moves the flow of water from spout to showerhead. By the time we realized it, she had already moved it, but it was me in my absolute panic that pushed it over to the wrong side in an effort to correct the potentially explosive situation. We so rarely use the showerhead in our main bathroom's tub that I had no idea which way to push it. My instincts told me to push it the opposite way she had moved it, but what I didn't realize was she had already started to move it back to its correct position.

The whoosh of the water on the kids' heads made them erupt in screams and the little one lost his peanuts. We could not get him out fast enough and the other one, she denied touching the lever. Our other new issue is fibbing despite my promises that I will never ever EVER get mad so long as she tells me the truth. Steve took Connor and I took over the duties of discussing the latest example of the difference between truth and lie.

We did not think to warn Kiki and Papa about the events of the previous evening until Sunday when we put Connor into the tub screaming, tears streaming down his sad face.

Same thing last night. We even put them in together again in an attempt to distract him. He loves his sister and if anyone could get him to play and forget where he was, it was Caroline. No dice. He briefly played with a toothbrush and a cup, but that only lasted as long as his fleeting atention span would allow.

Tonight I tried a different approach - bathing with him. I got him comfortable, but he would not let go of me for a single second. I was able to get him clean, but the tears still came, his body still tense and fearful.

I never thought we would have to condition a baby to take a bath again, but once again it is like BF Skinner over here.

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  1. Oh wow. I feel for you. I can only imagine how hard that must be to deal with. There's just no way to explain to Connor that it will be alright. It must be worse than taking a baby for shots.