There is a fire crackling away, a cup of tea beside me, and both children are snuggled in their beds. Sounds pretty amazing if it were not 2:15pm on a weekday.

Connor was sick at school yesterday and needed to be picked up. He spent the greater part of the afternoon asleep on my chest, drool pooling under his chin, cute little sleep flinches in abundance. Had he not been so sick and had I not been so worried about him, it would have been the best weekday afternoon I've had in quite some time. We aren't quite sure what happened with Con. I had been under the weather on Sunday, but it was clear we were dealing with something much different yesterday. You don't want to hear details about vomit or poop, but it got us a bit worried, particularly when he had just started a new antibiotic the evening before for the ears that will not get clear. Poor kid has been sick since practically November straight on through and those ears have not been completely clear ever. This is the last medication we'll try before the ENT gets involved so OMNICEF, DO YOUR WORST. We're on high fiber probiotic overload.

While I sat with my sleeping sickie yesterday the phone rang and it was school again. The Director checked on Caroline at my request before I left with Connor because the only thing worse than picking up a sick kid from daycare is returning with one sick kid to pick up another. Caro had the green light then, but just hours later she had awoken from her nap with the croupy cough that signals an imminent cold and drippy nose. We put the humidifier on for her and crossed our fingers for a vomit free croup free evening. Steve got up early to head to Corporate today for an all day event and little miss croupy cough sounded her alarm arriving in bed feeling icky with a slight temp. Connor woke up feeling ok, but coughing a bit. I knew that the Director would be watching the kids like a hawk for signs of illness and would not hesitate to call me to collect them at the slightest signs. I thought Connor might be ok, but last time we played this game, he wasn't at all.

There is a lesson you learn quickly with kids in daycare. If they get sent home, they usually can't come back the following day. Choosing when to send them back is a chess match; too soon and you lose that day AND the following day, too late and you take a day off at home with a healthy kid. Negotiating your way around this takes skill and forethought and often just luck.

The Director told me Connor could come today if I felt he was fine because his vomit has really been just phlegm at school and he had no other symptoms. She left it up to me. I could have sent him, but I knew that one tiny cough, one phlegm ball, one pull of his ear and he'd be packed up waiting for me to arrive and that would mean no school Friday either. Seeing the shape Caroline was in and knowing she would benefit greatly from a low key, watch movies, take a nice long quiet nap day to get her on the road to recovery, I just kept them both home with me. I avoided the "pulled the trigger too soon" fear with Connor and it's likely she'll be feeling well enough to go back Friday as well.

It's my first sick day, my first PAID sick day, since Caroline was born. That was 2007 people.

This green tea with a side of multivitamin is both celebratory and an attempt to prevent the inevitable. Hoping that with the warm weather this weekend we can usher out the winds of winter and the sickness from this family once and for all.

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  1. well, enjoy that fire and tea! hope everyone is on the mend...