she fell and instead of crying she laughed

First time on skates. We took her to a local public skate tonight to test the waters. Before we spend the $$ on a learn to skate program only to be met with sad cries and outright refusals, we wanted to be sure it was something she really wanted to do and felt confident enough doing that she won't need Daddy out on the ice with her. Her rentals were 4 sizes too big, she couldn't stay on her feet at all solo, Daddy had to carry her around the ice most of the time, but she was beaming ear to ear - even when she fell.

She loved it so much she cried when we had to take her off the ice. Needless to say, we are in the market for a pair of size 8/9 youth hockey skates. Stat. Learn to skate starts in April.


  1. The first time we took Anna a few weeks ago she was all spaghetti legs, no effort, just flopsy flop. The second time she wouldn't let me hold her at all and I was the horrible mom who didn't think to bring a helmet.

  2. YES! it was spaghetti city here too! I will be on the lookout for the "I do it myself" tude this weekend.