little white lies or something more?

It's never good when you have your back turned for a split second (perhaps seeing which home in Maui the couple on Househunters chose) and your attention is jerked back to reality by a screaming red faced toddler and one guilty looking older sister. You didn't see what happened, so you are relying solely on the older one's retelling of the tale and it stinks like Friday's Fish Dinner.

"What happened?!?!"
"He hit his head."
"On this" pointing to a door located far from the spot the tearful toddler now occupies.
"Caroline, Mommy will not be mad at you, just tell me what happened, I have to know what happened to make sure he is ok!"
"He hit his head"
"On what?"
"I don't know."
and on and on, no story ever adds up and she just gets deeper and deeper into her lie

"Mommy will never be mad at you for telling the truth, please just tell me what happened, did you hit him with that toy?" The toy involves a flexible plastic stick to launch spinning things into the air that she received in her goodie bag at a recent birthday party. Great idea for a four year old, but probably a bad choice for a 15 month old.


But I already told her I wouldn't be mad and ugh.

In just a few minutes time there was a thin line puffing up on the side of poor Connor's head that reached from hairline to nearly his precious beauitful eye. TRIPLE UGH!

I didn't see what happened, it was Maui afterall! So I don't know if they were fighting over it, if she whacked him, if he tried to rip it from her grasp and even without knowing how it happened, I just had to turn my attention to him. The story and even the truth didn't matter at that moment. Not even Maui mattered. He seemed fine, annoyed as ever with my attempts at putting an ice pack on the puffy line, but that sad puffy line.

I just don't know how this lying has gotten so out of control. I emphasize that I just want the truth. I have always kept my word and not been angry when the truth finally comes out - even if she is in the wrong. I tell her how proud I am of her when she does tell the truth. It isn't even just the big stuff that she lies about, she'll lie about just about ANYTHING these days. I just don't know how to get her out of this little white lie habit. Any ideas??


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