the one in which I eat crow

I destroyed our stroller. I was not paying enough attention as I backed the car out of the garage and I caught the handle somehow. I dragged it along with me until it reached the back of the garage where it stopped and I continued to move. I crunched a wheel. I didn't hear anything, in fact I thought I had just simply dragged it, until upon closer inspection this weekend it was painfully clear that I had crunched that wheel in a way that not even my engineer brother in law could fix.

I was sick about it, so mad at myself. I tried to repair it; needle nose pliers, hammer, tears.

I started trolling through craiglist in search of a sad replacement because I had destroyed the stroller and wouldn't you know that the boy, he loves that stroller.

This morning I phoned Peg Perego's spare parts department and asked if they might have a front wheel set available to purchase. Sharon absolutely saved me and said that they did in fact have a wheel set for our model and she could send it right out. I gulped waiting for her to tell me how much this new wheel would cost and when she said 21.95 including shipping I nearly cried.

Wow, you're thinking, this girl loves her stroller! Yes, I do love our stroller. It has served us well these last four years and even though we now have two children I have no plans to replace it. Caroline is in the very precarious "ready to walk all the time, but still tires easily and would rather be pushed" zone. We have developed a couple other options for family walks; mainly that Step 2 push car that she has been loving since I brought it home from the baby sale a few weeks ago. 12 bucks people, 12 bucks!!

It wasn't so much that we might have to replace our stroller, it was that I did something dumb that would require us to replace the stroller. It wasn't so much that I felt bad about doing something foolish, it was that my husband had not taken even one terrible jab at me for being so foolish. He had not made me feel bad about it for even one second and I knew that if the tables had been turned I would have been tsk tsking him for weeks. We would have been 85 sitting on the porch sipping ice tea laced with Metamucil and I would be all "dude, remember that time you totally rolled over the stroller! HA! That was awesome!" Instead my husband told me to stop trolling craigslist and pick something new, he told me not to settle, he told me to spend money to replace it. He told me to spend money! Do you know Steve? Do you know how much he hates to spend money??? The only person I know who likes to spend money less than Steve is Uncle Marc!

I told Sharon at Peg Perego about the whole thing and I told her that my husband had been so understanding and supportive and she said, "wow, he is really racking up the brownie points isn't he?" And you know what? He did. He totally did. He didn't make me feel bad and while I was super excited to only have to spend 21.95 to replace the wheel, I was more excited to tell him because he had been so awesome about the whole terrible thing.

I've tasted crow. I was wrong and you know what, that tsk tsking I tend to do, I don't think I'm going to do that anymore. That crow taste is going to linger for awhile.

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  1. sometimes we underestimate those husbands of ours, don't we? you've got yourself a good one. and, eh, it's only a mangled stroller...happens to the best of us. :)