sounds of silence

On that walk I was talking about?

I strapped Connor into his stoller and asked him, "ready to go?" He nodded. The kid NODDED his head. Sounds simple, right? Except it wasn't. Since his ears finally cleared for the first time since NOVEMBER, he is responding to things in new ways, in ways he never did. He is hearing things we are pretty sure he wasn't hearing clearly before.

We tried three classes of antiobiotics. We had multiple ear checks. We endured many daycare colds. We sat through not one, but two doses of an injectable antiobiotic in a last ditch effort to FINALLY clear those ears. It worked, but I have an initial consult with an ENT at Children's set up for May.

Of course we've all been stricken with the evil last cold of the season and boy is it a doozy! I was out of commision for most of last week, in bed early and taking naps in the afternoon. Caroline has double ear infections and I have a hunch we are once again going to need to get Connor some of his very own antibiotics. If she has infected ears, it is probable that he does as well. That's just how we nuts roll.

November until March with fluid in his ears. Four months with the Charlie Brown adult voices around him all day. Four months living underwater. Four quiet months.

Since that last injection, he has piped up vocally. He tries new sounds. I hear sudden outbursts of "WOW!" from the other room. He comes tearing around corners making crazy noises and it makes me so happy and yet so sad. All this time that poor Connor missed in developing his language skills.

Tonight he ate like a champ and when I asked him if he wanted a "pop" he answered back, "pop."
That nod, it wasn't just a nod. It represents his leap into language made possible by clear ears that we hope to have back again soon.


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