Tenacious Caroline

This morning we were talking about skating on the way to school and I asked Caroline if she would like to go skating again this weekend. Thanks to school vacation there are no official Learn to Skate lessons for at least 2 weeks and that just feels like too long for a girl just starting to get the concept. She replied that she would and went on to tell me the following:

"I was walking all by myself and I knew that if I fell down I could get myself up because I knew I could do it. I knew I could do it in my brain."

She knew she could do it with her brain. She knew she could do it.

She's come a long way since her first lesson when she couldn't even stand up on her own, let alone "walk" on the ice. We watched her from behind the glass along the boards of the rink and I knew that Steve was feeling the same way I was, "did we agree to this too early?" "did we set her up for failure?" and the biggie, "will she stick with it?"

She came off the ice on lesson 1 after just 20 minutes, still smiling, but not able to hold herself up for any great length of time. We wondered if she would keep trying.

I missed the second lesson due to a rare weekend work requirement. I missed seeing my tenacious Caroline beat the snot out of her skating lesson. By all accounts it started rough, but by the end she was not only standing on her own, but walking along the ice by herself with her instructor right behind, just in case. There's a video of her doing it all by herself because she knew she could do it, she just didn't give up. She kept trying.

Never ever give up sweet girl. Life lesson conquered. If you put your brain to it, there is nothing you cannot accomplish. Can you say proud?


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