It's all ball all the time.

Connor walks around pointing at balls of all shapes and sizes, "ball." That canteloupe waiting to get sliced on the kitchen counter? "Ball." The ball hiding under the kitchen table from post breakfast, "ball" as he crouches low to get a better look at his most favorite object.

He throws them, rolls them, kicks them. He kicks right footed and left. He throws righty and lefty. He holds them over his head and lets them roll down his back. He doesn't like to share them, but he will occasionally play a short game of catch. This is infuiating for his sister who tosses it to him only to have him walk away with it. Tonight we watched him bat at one with a spatula from the play kitchen. Steve's response to this, "HOCKEY."

He saw the opening of the Celtics game tonight and starting trying to parrot basketball, though it was more like, "bah, ball." Could it be, his favorite thing, ON TV??

Connor is such a rough and tumble boy, enamored of course with every little boys favorite thing. His favorite book right now is Hippos Go Berserk, but it's only a matter of time before some sort sports book with pages and pages of balls takes its place.


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